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packing up and driving north

When we finally landed back in Georgia after 26 hours of travel {courtesy of American Airlines delays} and drove back to my parents, I walked up to my bedroom and became overwhelmed.  Leading up to the move I was busy with finishing up my responsibilities with my Bible study at Wesleyan, transitioning out of my job,  going to wedding showers, and planning for July 7.  So while I had time to think about the move, it probably fell lowest on to do list priorities.

Because of our delays, our original plan to leave Monday morning was going to have to be pushed back to Monday afternoon.

Looking around my bedroom that afternoon, I knew that everything had to be moved, as well as the dining room full of wedding gifts we thankfully had received {which I’m still writing thank you notes}.


Monday morning I woke up bright and early, finished a few loads of laundry and we started packing up my car. Once we finished packing the car, Gary left to pickup the moving truck and I began working on my room.  He returned about an hour later and Operation Move Out began.


After about two or three hours of loading {mostly by Gary, Dad and Josh}, the dining room and my bedroom were finally empty and our truck was packed.  It was so weird to see my room so empty.  While we were upstairs, Josh asked me how old I was when we moved into the house and I hadn’t really thought of it until that point.  I had lived in that house since I was 6 or 7, and here I was almost 20 years later, getting ready to leave it.  And with that came moving away from people I love.

I’ll always remember it was a hot day the day we moved by the popsicles we I was eating in all the pictures.


After saying quick goodbyes, which thankfully happened so fast I didn’t even have time to get emotional, we were off to our new home!  I was so thankful to make that ride with Gary and not alone in my car {I imagined myself crying the whole way}.  It was a sweet time to anticipate the rest of the move and what was in store… and of course, time for us to make a quick tour of our Uhaul video.


The trip took us about 10 hours total and that was with a stop for dinner with our friends Thomas and Lauren, driving through South Carolina…

and finally into North Carolina!DSC00823

We were so grateful for a smooth moving day – no injuries, no car trouble, no traffic, and just a little bit of rain.  Next up was move-in day and that started bright and early the next morning!  Thankfully, Gary had the coffee pot plugged in and ready to go.


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