Atwell Adventures

snow day!

Last night a strange thing happened in Georgia – it snowed!

To celebrate the snow we took pictures, made brownies, and sipped hot chocolate {but let’s be honest, we probably would have done those last two things even if it wasn’t snowing}.

first snow | Atwell Adventures 1

first snow | Atwell Adventures 3

first snow | Atwell Adventures 4
first snow | Atwell Adventures 2 first snow | Atwell Adventures 5This morning when I woke up, I told G I wanted to try to make a snowman!

I learned a few things during our snowman adventure.  1.) Making a snowman is harder than it looks, especially when the snow is like powder. 2.) Trying to play with snow without gloves is D-U-M-B. 3.) Being married to someone who likes to play like a kid is the best!

first snow | Atwell Adventures 6

Happy snow day!


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