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a Craigslist gem

A few weeks ago, we started looking for a desk. It was time for G to have a designated place {other than our couch} to study and do his work.

I started looking online at a few of my go-to places for furniture, one of those being Craigslist. After about a week of searching I came across this table and emailed the seller {shhhhh, don’t tell G she called it a ladies desk}.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 1.10.15 PM

She replied to let me know she had someone coming to look at it and then I never heard back. Bummer.

Last Sunday I was trolling scrolling through again and the same desk appeared.  I decided to email her to check if it was still available and to my surprise she replied that it was! The first person that was interested had been going back and forth with a time to come look, and luckily for me, she never came!

In the email, she let me know that the desk had some worn areas on the top. I told her I wasn’t to worried about worn areas since G would just be using it to study for seminary and that we might be painting it anyways.  We then made quick plans to see it that night!

That night we met one of the nicest sellers on Craigslist.  We chatted for a few minutes with her and her husband, looked the desk over, and got ready to pay.  The desk was in great condition so we were ready to offer the full asking price but when we pulled out the money, she only took $20 and said she wanted to help us as G got started with school!


Now normally when you hear about Craigslist you hear of sketchy places and sellers {both of which I’ve encountered}, but this lady was a gem, and our new-to-us desk is pretty special too!


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