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31 days – fall 2014 – content to rent

Scroll Down to read Day One.

I’ll add a link to each new post here as it goes live.

Day 1 – Content to Rent
Day 2 – Our Renting Story
Day 3 – New in Town
Day 4 – Low Maintenance
Day 5 – Work with What You’ve Got
Day 6 – Just My Size
Day 7 – Identity
Day 8 – Unpack the Boxes and Settle In
Day 9 – Paint Party
Day 10 – Organize
Day 11 – Hammer Time
Day 12 – Curtain Call
Day 13 – Home for the Holidays
Day 14 – Outdoor Spaces
Day 15 – Redirecting Your Eyes
Day 16 – Smart Furnishings
Day 17 – Neutral Pieces
Day 18 – Raise the Blinds
Day 19 – A Fresh Perspective
Day 20 – Inexpensive Art
Day 21 – Smells Like Home
Day 22 – Opening Your Doors
Day 23 – Introduce Yourself
Day 24 – Exploring Neighborhoods
Day 25 – Finally a Guest Room
Day 26 – Out and About in the City
Day 27 – Find Joy in the Details
Day 28 – Sweat Equity
Day 29 – Continue to Declutter
Day 30 – A Clean House
Day 31 – Learning Contentment

Ever heard of a 31 day challenge? It’s where bloggers commit to writing about a particular topic for 31 days straight. No breaks. No weekends off. Just 31 days of post.

And today, I start my second 31 day challenge with The Nester {last year I wrote about being a newlywed!}.

And word on the street internet is, that there is a whole website devoted to 31 days!

Day 1

Last December, we moved to a new city and found a condo that we’ve called home these last 10 months.

It’s the perfect size for us. Actually, maybe too big if I’m being really honest.  Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room, an open kitchen {just like I wanted}, and a very low maintenance backyard.  If all that weren’t enough, we’re conveniently located near everything in our city, and just joined a gym that is less than a mile away.

But here’s the thing: it’s not ours. Well not technically anyways.

We are {dun dun dunnnnn} renters.

These last few months I’ve found myself really wishing we owned a house even though I have no idea what is involved in home ownership.

So instead of continuing in this attitude, I’ve decided to be content to rent.

What I’m being reminded of though, is that being content touches so many areas of my life.

So maybe you’re not a renter, maybe you’re just hoping and dreaming for that so called next step in life.  Well then, this is for you too.  It’s for all of us really.  May we find joy and contentment right where we are.

So here we go – 31 DAYS: Content to Rent!

Content to Rent | Atwell Adventures


17 thoughts on “31 days – fall 2014 – content to rent

    1. So glad you’re following! I don’t often feel the need for MORE space, but I’m sure I’d feel differently if I had a little one! Just give everything a place, and if it doesn’t have a place – get rid of it:) I’m learning that in going through my closet now!

  1. Great topic! I’ve been a renter for 10 years now, lived in 3 different flats/houses and learned to love the process of transforming them in a real home. Good luck with the challenge!

    1. I think that’s the hardest part – remembering it is a real home and not just a temporary one! Glad to know someone else is enjoying the process too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh my gosh, I want so bad for the next step in EVERYTHING. A perfect job for my husband, our house to sell so we can buy (currently renting), my toddler to be potty trained, this new baby to be here…. So yes, I could definitely use some contentment, with renting and all of the things. I am excited to follow along on your 31 days!

    1. So glad you are following along too, Mariah:) I love the verse in Hebrews that says, “Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

      He’s given me all I really need! I know that it’s so easy to get caught up on the next thing, so this 31 days will be good for me to reflect on!

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