31 days

31 days – fall 2013 – newlyweds

Scroll Down to read Day One.

I’ll add a link to each new post here as it goes live.

Day 1 – Newlyweds
Day 2 – ch-ch-ch-changes
Day 3 – faith
Day 4 – quality time
Day 5 – daily prayers
Day 6 – finding a new church
Day 7 – establishing community
Day 8 – praying together
Day 9 – growing towards God
Day 10 – money
Day 11 – communicating about money
Day 12 – goal setting
Day 13 – budgeting 101
Day 14 – a helpful tool
Day 15 – easy ways to save
Day 16 – settling into a home on a budget
Day 17 – home life
Day 18 – cleaning schedule
Day 19 – meal planning
Day 20 – sick days
Day 21 – making our place “home”, pt. 1
Day 22 – making our place “home”, pt. 2
Day 23 – dinner for two
Day 24 – traditions
Day 25 – sunday at church
Day 26 – pizza friday
Day 27 – month-a-versaries
Day 28 – weekly questions
Day 29 – exploring our new city
Day 30 – date night
Day 31 – someone

Ever heard of a 31 day challenge? It’s where bloggers commit to writing about a particular topic for 31 days straight. No breaks. No weekends off. Just 31 days of post.

And tomorrow, I start my first 31 day challenge with The Nester!

I’m excited and yet somewhat nervous. Writing is usually something I do when it’s convenient or when I have something I want to talk about. And if you notice the frequency of posting Atwell Adventures – it certainly isn’t everyday. So why not challenge myself a little?

Day 1

Trying to decide on a topic to talk about for 31 days was harder than I expected {hopefully, not a preview of things to come}. I wanted to choose something that would stretch me and make me more creative in my writing, but also be natural fit. So I decided to write about the biggest recent change in my life: going from engaged to being a newlywed!

Newlyweds-G&R | Atwell Adventuresmove over Nick and Jessica… the new newlyweds are in town!

These past 85 days have taken me from being a fiancé to a wife, a resident of Georgia to a new home in North Carolina, a full time employee to a now stay at home wife.  It’s been a sweet time and I can’t wait to share more about it with you!

Each day after I write I’ll also list the links so at the end of the month it will be a nice little package-of-posts. Think of it as my Halloween gift to you. You’re welcome!

So here we go – 31 DAYS: NEWLYWEDS!

31 days - newlyweds | Atwell Adventures


8 thoughts on “31 days – fall 2013 – newlyweds

    1. Thanks Ashley! I thought the picture to rather appropriate and creepy all at the same time:) I am loving your blog; adding it to my daily feed now! Looking forward to your #31days… maybe I can learn a thing or two from a pro;)

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