Monthly Goals

october 2014 goals

Well September went by fast.  So fast that here I am one month later and I didn’t speak to you at all.  I’m sorry for being rude.

But just think of it as me giving you a break in prep for this month’s 31 days of writing! (ahhhh, I’m scared again this year like I was last year). During my quiet spell, I also managed to get a few things crossed off my September goal list!

  • host a shower – sweet baby M was welcomed with LOVE
  • start planning another shower for October
  • stay on top of reading for our Home Group and monthly reading – really enjoying our Home Group book!
  • clear closet/dresser and take clothes to donate
  • finish map project – it’s back hanging on our wall again
  • list miscellaneous items online
  • go kayaking
  • complete planks everyday
  • complete 70 miles {about 40m of running and 30m of walking} – finished one whole day early!
  • practice THM or Whole30 eating plans for one week – tried the THM “plan”.  It was harder and easier than I expected… harder in that it could require alot of things I need to buy, easier in that once you start its pretty easy to pick up and understand.
  • take a weeklong social media break – last week I deleted social media apps from my phone and only logged in to check my messages on fb and to post a wish to the birthday girl
  • finish setting up guest room/office – all set! feels so good to have that room “complete”!

So for October, expect Atwell Adventures to be busier than it has been these last few months.  And while I’m not writing here, these are a few of things I’d like to complete…

  • go kayaking
  • visit a pumpkin patch
  • pick apples
  • complete 50 miles {35 running and 15 walking} and Runkeeper challenge
  • hang frames in hallway
  • finish end tables
  • get ready for baby Ruth’s wedding
  • reboot blog {possibly a new design!}
  • complete 31 days of writing

Ahhhh, fall. I really, really love you.


2 thoughts on “october 2014 goals

  1. Okay, first off, I LOVE that you have goals. I never thinking about them in a monthly sense and it’s sort of like “I’ll get to it when the time is appropriate”, so I love how you’re checking things off and DOING it! It’s truly an inspiration. And secondly, I’ve missed your posts, so I’m happy to see you blogging again. I always say you guys are the cutest!

    1. Goals have really helped me this year! The months go by so fast and with goals in place, I feel more focused on things I need to do. I don’t beat myself up over things that don’t get done, but I notice that my productivity does increase when I have a “deadline” on it.

      I’ve missed blogging too! Speaking of goals – this month I’m trying to write everyday for the 31Days Challenge, and next month I’m going to try to post at least twice a week. I miss having posts to look back on! I just have to prioritize my time a little better to make it happen:) You’re always so kind to leave comments. And I have to agree, I married the cutest, most handsome, caring man! Thankful everyday for him!

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