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31 days – fall 2014 – outdoor spaces

You remember the lovely yard we had when we moved in? As you can tell, we didn’t sign the lease because of the beautiful view outside of our living room window. Even though I don’t spend a lot of time in our yard, that was one thing I really wanted us to change when we moved in. It was very brown, and I usually prefer green when it comes to grass:)

We haven’t put a lot of money into our yard other fertilizer and a weed eater, but those things and some sweat have made it much more enjoyable.

And as of tonight, we have three more additions that will help us enjoy it! Gary surprised me with a fire bowl and two rocking chairs for my birthday! I love that we’ll get to spend time outdoors this fall, and even more, I love that these things get to come with us if we ever decide to move. Until then, I’m so thankful for our little yard and the boy that will rock beside me.



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