31 days · content to rent

31 days – fall 2014 – identity

I know we won’t be renters for forever.

Or maybe we will.

Either way, I want to be thankful. Thankful for this time that we are enjoying and learning about the money God has given us and how He wants us to use it.

I also want to be thankful for the lesson He keeps having to remind me about: My identity should not be in anything but Christ.

A little over a year ago, I was without a job for nine months.  While part of my unemployment was by choice, there was still a longing for something to say when people asked me “So, what do you do for a living?”.

Through that season, God revealed to me my pride, and how I had put alot of self-worth into what I did for a living.

And sometimes I find myself slowly slipping back to that place, but instead of boasting that I’m employed, I want to shout say, I’m a homeowner.

So instead, for now I’ll choose to say proudly, I’m a renter, not because I’m prideful, but because I want to show gratitude that God has given us this place to call home and a beautiful community that surrounds us.

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