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31 days – fall 2014 – low maintenance

Things I never really thought of before living in a home: maintenance issues.  But since living  in our condo the last ten months, I’ve noticed those things alot more.

An oven burner here, a refrigerator leak there, and before you know it you’re spending several hundreds of dollars on repairs and/or replacements.

Thankfully though, most of our home maintenance repairs are taken care of under our rental agreement.  Not every landlord is like this, so it’s important to make sure you understand what they will and will not cover from the beginning.

If they do cover most of the items, that’s extra money that you get to save and put towards a down payment for a place of your own one day, when you probably won’t have someone to call on to take care of your repairs.

Does your landlord cover repairs?

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5 thoughts on “31 days – fall 2014 – low maintenance

  1. I’m pretty sure ours does. Luckily, we haven’t had reason to find out yet!! We had to buy a washer/dryer, so that’s probably on us, but the furnace (that is now super important because hello, PA!) is all him!! 🙂

    1. We had to buy our washer and dryer too, but most everything that came with our condo is under contract (appliances, HVAC, etc). Glad to know you won’t be without heat 😉

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