High Five for Friday

high five for friday – on saturday

Yesterday was a full one from start to finish so recording my high fives got overlooked. But that’s what Saturday morning is for, especially when you’re up at 6:15am on a Saturday because your husband is working the weekend shift:) 

Here are my high fives!

1. This past Monday I had a WAY overdue phone call with one of my best friends in Kentucky. High five for KitttttttyKat and all the weirdness that occurred!

2. Only one week left to finish my walking and running goals for April, and thankfully I’m on track. High five for staying active!

3. We finished the 10 day cleanse phase and reached the halfway point in our Advocare Challenge yesterday. High five for feeling good and the shakes we FINALLY get to enjoy!

4. Speaking of cleanse, I feel like we’ve been going to bed earlier since starting, mostly because we’ve had to wake up earlier too. High five for feeling rested in the mornings!

5. Yesterday I was able to meet up with some friends before heading into work. High five for accountability, prayer, and having people that point you to Christ!

Happy weekend!


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