High Five for Friday

high five for friday

1. Our weekend in Macon was wonderful and we got to see both of our parents, my older brother and three of my sisters, 9 out of 10 nieces and nephews, and some good friends from my home church!  High five for a weekend with people we love! 

2. After getting back to Augusta, we had a Mada team meeting, our last meal, and last Starbucks run before we started our 24 day cleanse. High five for 4 days strong!
3. This week I finally blogged about our mini getaway back in February!  High five for reliving that trip and all of its memories through pictures!
4. I finally found not one, but TWO sets of curtains I like for our living room. Now just to make a decision. High five for having options!
5. If you listened closely around 4:30pm yesterday, you probably could have heard happy tears falling from my husband’s eyes when he watched the new Star Wars trailer with his friend Will. High five for being here to watch them enjoy a one minute trailer like two boys on Christmas morning!

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