Monthly Goals

may 2015 goals

As we wrote out our Christmas letter this past December, I remember thinking that May was going to be forever away.  But I guess because of full schedules, these past six months have gone by much quicker than I anticipated.

And here we are – preparing to leave for Madagascar in a couple of weeks!  It’s hard to believe and my mind has already been busy making to do list for the trip!

I want to be well prepared for the trip – spiritually, mentally, and physically, so most of my May goals will center around preparation – it takes up a good portion of May anyways!

  • finish memorizing stories before trip
  • begin malaria pills
  • work on prayer list for trip
  • rest, rise early, and exercise
  • finish the 24 day challenge and write a review post
  • serve at the final fundraiser for our trip
  • pick up 2 books for trip – hello long flights!
  • go to a Braves game
  • welcome the Tanners when they visit Augusta
  • start thinking about 2 year anniversary gift and celebration

And here were my goals for April…

  • celebrate Easterit was an incredible day celebrating our Savior!
  • finish April’s monthly book and continue with yearly reading plan
  • continue to memorize Creation to Christ stories – still learning!  If you think of our team, pray for us as we prepare to share these stories!
  • prepare and begin the 24 day challenge – We finish our challenge Wednesday and will celebrate with pizza on Thursday 😉
  • complete walking and running goals as well as weight training –
  • buy and hang living room curtainslove them!
  • schedule dentist appointment – one day we’ll go to the dentist!
  • get a massage – this and the dentist will wait until June
  • begin vaccination pills for Madagascar – we took our typhoid meds, and this month we’ll begin malaria!

What are your goals for May?


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