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72. take a mountain trip

Last weekend one of my good friends from college got married in western North Carolina, giving me a chance to mark item #72 off of my 101 in 1001 list: take a mountain trip.

trip to the mountains | Atwell Adventures 3

Our decision to make it an overnight trip happened last minute so when we began the search for a place to stay, hotels were either booked or prices were way more than what we like to pay.  After looking for a bit with no luck, we were happy to see a bed and breakfast called Carrier Houses pop up and we gave them a call.  They had one room left for the night and we quickly decided to book

We left Friday morning and made our way west and by 10 o’clock, I was starting to get hungry.  Fortunately, a gem called Biscuitville appeared on Google Maps and we made a stop for breakfast!

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 12.13.02 PM

Full of carbs, we continued to make our way towards Ruthefordton and arrived just a few minutes before our check in time.  The bed and breakfast was located on the main street of the downtown so we took a quick walk to explore the shops, restaurants, and an antique shop before checking in.

Once we returned we met our innkeepers {and wonderful hosts}, Dan and Lynn.  For the next few minutes Dan showed us around the house, told us about breakfast the next morning, and gave us some recommendations on local places to try.

trip to the mountains | Atwell Adventures 8
side entrance to the house and our room {at the top of the stairs}

trip to the mountains | Atwell Adventures 9image from the Carrier Houses website

We had talked about visiting Chimney Rock {about a 25-30 minute drive}, but because it was almost 4pm and the park gate closed at 5, I wasn’t sure if it was worth the trip.  But thankfully I married a man who is much more positive and he said we should go anyways.  So we did!  Five points for you, G.

On our little adventure to Chimney Rock, I was reminded also that my husband 1.) is smarter than me because the drive alone was worth the trip 2.) loves me despite my athletic ability {hello huffing and puffing on our walk up to the Chimney}.  But we made it and enjoyed some beautiful views!

trip to the mountains | Atwell Adventures 1

trip to the mountains | Atwell Adventures 2

I took the picture below after I asked G where our mountain home was going to be.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t pointing closer to Lake Lure, but whatever… we’ll hang it in our mountain home one day and look back at the picture and be reminded of our young newlywed days.

trip to the mountains | Atwell Adventures 4
One of my favorite views is Exclamation Point and it was the last stop on our tour-de-Chimney-Rock-in-a-hour.  As always, it was fun to experience a new place with G. Hot-hubs alert below…

trip to the mountains | Atwell Adventures 5

We headed back to Ruthefordton for the night and grabbed dinner and hot chocolate downtown before heading in for the night {I know, I know, we bring the par-tay}.

The next morning we woke up and made our way to the house next door for breakfast with other inn guests. The company was good and our food was even better {egg and spinach crepes with cheese grits, fruit, and muffins}.

Before we left for the wedding, we snapped a few pictures outside. Overall, we were both pleasantly surprised at how much we liked staying at the bed and breakfast {a first for both of us} and we definitely will check into local options more often!

trip to the mountains | Atwell Adventures 6

trip to the mountains | Atwell Adventures 7
Since we had time between check-out and the wedding, we made our way to downtown Asheville which is full of shops, restaurants, and interesting people.  Hopefully one day we will head back and spend more time {and maybe even spend some time at the Biltmore}.

Onto the wedding where Marky-Mark got married to Molly!  Just three months ago they were celebrating with us at our wedding, so it was fun to celebrate them on there wedding day.  Not to mention, seeing these familiar faces is always a treat!

trip to the mountains | Atwell Adventures 12ps – if you invite us to your wedding, we promise to be fun.

trip to the mountains | Atwell Adventures 11

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