Monthly Goals

november 2013 goals

October feels like it f-l-e-w by.

We celebrated three months of marriage, announced G accepted a job and we were moving, celebrated my birthday, started my 101 in 1001 challenge, attended two weddings, completed the October 31 day writing challenge.  Oh and we also welcomed our first two {and only} trick-or-treaters as newlyweds!

Now we’re hopefully saying hello to some cooler temperatures so I can try out all some of these soup recipes I’ve been pinning!

It’s also time for Marine Prom Ball. Last year was my first go around, and while I loved going, finding something to wear is always a challenge. I can be incredibly picky when it comes to clothes, so finding something that’s fun, flattering, and doesn’t look like it was picked out for a high school winter formal or prom can be a little frustrating.  Thankfully, I purchased a dress back in September that I’ll wear… that is if nothing else comes up before then 😉

marine ball 2012 |  Atwell Adventures

We’re also continuing to look for our next home.  The search has been all online for now, and thankfully, some friends have given us lots of helpful advice.  My brain is a bit overloaded with housing options right now, so I’ve taken somewhat of a step back and hopefully will get a better feel for things when we visit Augusta this month.

Our first married Thanksgiving is this month!  We’ve decided to celebrate on our own this year and I’m excited about the thought of creating new traditions!

In addition to packing our belly full of turkey, we’ll also be packing boxes.  If all goes as planned, our move will happen some time in December {which is soooo crazy}.

And I’ve also got a few other monthly goals {which I’m writing here so that hopefully will keep me more accountable}…

  • finish thank you notes for our wedding gifts and what better month to do them in! {sorry, that’s me trying to make up an excuse for the fact that I STILL have Thank You notes to write}
  • paint final pieces of furniture
  • start working on our first Christmas cards
  • read a book

I’m excited about November’s clean slate and all the things that we have ahead of us!

What do you have going on this month?


One thought on “november 2013 goals

  1. Hmm, maybe if I post my November goals, too, they will actually happen 🙂 I’m a military wife as well, but I haven’t attended a ball yet. How fun! I loved your photo – beautiful couple & lovely dress!! Have a wonderful time!

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