High Five for Friday

high five for friday

Oh what a beautiful day!  It may feel like its 100 degrees outside {I’m looking at you, Georgia humidity}, but sunshine is nice way to end the work week after the rain we’ve had.  Truth be told, I keep forgetting its summer, thanks to a messed up internal clock. Maybe one day I’ll remember what time of year it is without pausing for 5 seconds.

Clocks messed up or not, here are my high fives!

1. Last Saturday morning we finally were able to volunteer with Turn Back the Block. High five for being able to help our community in a practical way!

2. Sometime last week we started watching Friday Night Lights and sometime this week we finished the first season.  High five for making it through a whole season without crying! 😉

3. I finished my May book on studying the Bible …only a few days behind… and just started a new book about spiritual disciplines. High five for being really challenged to live a more disciplined spiritual life!

4. On Wednesday night we got to facetime with my newly turned 6 year old niece.  High five for cute nieces and nephews that always make us laugh!

5. Now that we’re back in our normal routine, our Friday night pizza tradition continues {going strong for about 100 weeks!}. High five for the mellow mushroom crust recipe we’re trying out tonight!

Hope you and yours have a great weekend!


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