31 days

31 days – fall 2013 – settling into a home on a budget

Picture newlywed me: lover of home decor blogs and within a 15 minute drive of several awesome antique shops, Home Goods and World Market.
on a budget | Atwell Adventures.1

Now picture that same thing and stamp the word BUDGET on my forehead {#FirstWorldProblem}.

on a budget | Atwell Adventures 2

I won’t say that settling into our new home on a budget has been the easiest thing for me – but I know it has taught me alot.

I remind myself over and over again, decorating a home won’t happen – and shouldn’t happen – overnight.  Our budget has reinforced that idea and made me think about my purchases more and really consider the things I’m investing in.

Do we NEED this?

Do I LOVE this?

Is this something I’ll want in my home forever?

These last few months I’ve also been able to stretch my creativity by using what we have and making those things new for us {more on that tomorrow}.

I know that one day when I look back on the memories of our first home together, my thoughts won’t be overrun with “what was I thinking about spending money on that” but instead, memories we made together, using the things we had, and all that we learned during our first few months first of our marriage.

What are some memories of your first home?

31 days - newlyweds | Atwell Adventures


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