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75. take a skiing/snowboarding trip

Well this is a little awkward. It’s spring time and I’m about to tell you about a ski trip and below freezing temperatures.

Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.018

Back in February we planned a weekend getaway.  At Christmas we decided instead of gifts we would plan a ski trip instead! So the weekend before G’s 28th, conveniently also Valentine’s Day weekend, we made our way to North Carolina!

And there might have been a slurpee pit stop on the way.

Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.001 G found Red Rocker Inn, a bed and breakfast in Black Mountain about 25 minutes outside of Asheville and about an hour outside of Sugar Mountain, where we planned on skiing.Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.002

Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.005 We checked in and had a late lunch at a pizza place in downtown Black Mountain.Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.003 And then did a little window shopping where I found this strange faux-real animal scene.Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.004As luck would have it, the weekend we planned our trip was COLD.  It began to snow on us in Black Mountain and later that evening when we went to dinner in Asheville. 
Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.006

Speaking of Asheville, we passed the cutest chocolate shop, French Broad Chocolates, on our way in to town, so we knew we wanted to have Valentines dessert there after dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe.  Little did we know that French Broad Chocolates Google map location was pointing us to their old location, so after 15 minutes of walking in the FAH-REEEEZING wind, we were able to find the address to their new location.

And finally we made it.

Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.007

And approximately two minutes after we snapped that picture, G remembered he left his wallet in the car. Now most people would give up at this point and just decide to go home. Not us. So backkkk to the parking deck we went to retrieve the wallet and then back to French Broad so we could satisfy our sweet tooth.  The salted caramel hot chocolate taste was worth every step of our trek around Asheville and the temperature of the drink made me forget about the wind that had made my face gone numb.

Speaking of faces feeling numb, when we woke up the next morning I decided to check the forecast for the day.  Do you see that feels like temperature? NEGATIVE 28 DEGREES. And the high for our afternoon skiing adventure? 13 degrees.

Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.008

Picture me crying and not wanting to move from the bed.

But move from the bed we did!  I think I had abuot four layers but even with that this is about how we felt.

Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.016

This was G’s first adventure on skis and he did well after getting in a few practice runs!

Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.010The sun was out all afternoon as were the Valentine/President’s Day weekend crowds.
Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.013 Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.014 Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.015 And by afternoon time, even my iPhone was confused about what to do with such cold weather.Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.011

It was a fun day of trying something new with G!Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.017The next morning we woke up to our second morning of buffet-style homemade breakfast by the innkeepers at Red Rocker.  Normally I’m one to enjoy a few extra minutes in bed, but I was eager to get to the dining room and snag a table so we could enjoy breakfast fireside.  Both morning breakfast selections were SOOO good as you can tell by my full plate.  
Ski Trip | Atwell Adventures.019

Mmm, Red Rocker.  I miss you.

Thanks, G, for a memorable weekend!

101 in 1001 · In Party Planning

98. host a dinner for friends

With Christmas quickly approaching, we wanted to take a night to thank our church staff and their wives for all they had done for us this past year – our first year in Augusta!

Growing up as the daughter of a pastor, I was always so grateful for people that showed appreciation to my Dad and Mom.  Living in a new area, and being a part of a different church now, we’re grateful to be those people who support and hopefully encourage our leaders who give so much of themselves!

The nights agenda was pretty low-key, just dinner and gag gift exchange, but once we finished, my friend recorded and later edited for our missionary friends in Madagascar.  Of course, Gary and I were honored to lend our vocal talents {and dancing} to this production of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”! 🙂 Enjoy!

101 in 1001 · In Party Planning

99. host a party

Through hosting a home group for a church this semester, we also had the opportunity to host two parties!  For both we tried to keep them as simple as possible: we asked everyone to bring an appetizer or dessert, we provided coffee and s’mores, and we instructed people on what to wear {since both parties had “themes”}.  Easy-peazy for the host and hostess:)

The first party in October was Halloween party. We asked everyone to dress up in a famous duo/couple costume.  We had lego people, Johnny and June Cash, Jack and Jill, Struck by Lighting, Richard Simmons and his project, Popeye and Olive Oil, Mickey and Minnie, and even The Bachelor and a contestant!  Everyone was so creative!

Halloween group | Atwell Adventures

Gary and I were Richard Simmons and his project.  Seriously, I wish you all could have experienced G staying in character all night.  Hysterical.  Richard Simmons and his project | Atwell Adventures

The second party was a “Ugly Sweater” party and the sequins, embroidery, and turtlenecks were in full force.  Ugly Christmas Sweater Group | Atwell Adventures We played a few Christmas themed games and also had a “photo booth” {aka wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree to make a photo booth backdrop. Olan Mills, anyone?}
Ugly Christmas Sweater | Atwell Adventures
I love, love, love hosting in our home and am thankful to have a husband that enjoys it as much as I do!