High Five for Friday

high five for friday

Good morning!

Tomorrow is the last day of May 2014 and as much as I hate to wish days away, I’m really looking forward to the fresh start of June.  Its not that May has been a good month, it has. I’ve just felt a little unorganized which makes me a little crazy. So this weekend, in addition to things around the house, I want to sit down, and try to get back on track.  We also are planning to cross something off my 101 list too!

So before we get to the weekend, here are my high fives for this week!

1. Last Saturday, I helped throw a shower for one of our good friends and her little Baby C! High five for friendship, brunch, stripes, and baby boy polos!

2. With the holiday weekend giving us a little extra time, we got to see both sides of our families, minus the ones that were out of town. High five for long weekends with family!

3. On Monday, Gary and I were going to run a 10k in Macon, but decided to visit his hometown instead.  So with that we woke up on Monday morning and did our own six mile run. It was a perfect time to think about all those that have given their lives for our freedom and pray for the families left behind.  High five for running, Memorial Day’s meaning, and the dog that accompanied the last two miles of the run!


4. During our trip home on Monday – the two year anniversary of our first date! – we stopped off at Lane’s and got ice cream and cheese straws, and then ate dinner once we got back to Augusta. High five for road trip fuel and first date memories!

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 8.16.39 AM

5. This week we booked a place to stay for our one year anniversary trip in July! High five for upcoming adventures and celebrating one year of marriage!

Hope you all have a great last weekend in May!


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