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june 2014 goals

Happy June!

Like I mentioned on Friday, I was very much looking forward to flipping the calendar to June.  Do you get excited when you see a blank calendar? Something about a clean slate is so refreshing!

May was a weird month with more than normal headaches, and with that everything just felt off.  On the bright side, I was able to host in our home, celebrate a friend’s baby, see family, make progress at work, in addition to hanging out with G and the rest of wife life.

Here’s a review on the May goals I set…

  • run three times a week, and walk two times a week – unfortunately, I can’t even say that I ran once every week. yikes…
  • organize closet, go through clothes, donate what I’m not wearing/using – I hate getting rid of clothes, but love the feeling after I get rid of them! Yay for progress!
  • hang curtains – they’re up but need some tweaking
  • be intentional with my time at home on Monday’s – somewhat improved, but not still needs progress – today has been great!
  • go back to only eating out once a week –  We ate out less, but are still working on this!
  • update budget once a week – Does anyone hear crickets chirping?
  • drink 72oz of water a day – nope. trying it again this month… third time is a charm, right? 😉
  • begin to plan for one year anni  – this is the goal I would say I we made the most progress! hotel and flights are booked!

See what I mean? May wasn’t my best.

So here we are on day two! Physically, I’m feeling better and recognizing that maybe my headaches could be linked to not being active.  Hopefully this month I’ll be able to tell!

Here are my June goals…

  • get out of bed by 6:30 on weekdays
  • exercise for 45 minutes a day {on my 101 in 1001 list}
  • drink 72 oz water a day {also on my 101 in 1001 list}
  • run 40 miles
  • sew a round tablecloth (ahhh! I’m scared, but I think I’ve found a great tutorial!}
  • catch up on monthly reading
  • finish planning out one year anni and begin packing

Some challenging goals for me, but hopefully I’ll be more productive this month.

Do you have any June goals?


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