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53. run 13 miles

For a few years I’ve wanted to run a half marathon, but the idea of it was really intimidating.  This summer, I decided to go for it and started training!

I planned on signing up for the Rock and Roll Savannah after hearing good reviews and that it had a flat course.

I signed up for a training plan on RunKeeper and 3 weeks in, my body was yelling at me to quit (there wasn’t much rest built into the plan).  I took a few days off, and reevaluated. Over the years, I had read about Hal Higdon’s plans on different occasions, and finally decided this was the plan for me because of the cross training options. 

Fortunately the training, although a little time consuming, was doable and much kinder on my body. 

Until the month before the race. October happened to be one of the craziest months of my life, and I don’t think I trained at all. Not good when you’re planning on running 13 miles straight. 

After much encouragement, I decided to still try, but to readjust my goals for the race. Originally I wanted to finish under 2:15 and run the entire race. My adjusted goal was 2:30 and to complete, even if walking was required.

We arrived to the start line that morning about 30 minutes prior to start time. What I didn’t know was that we’d be started in shifts and really wouldn’t start until about 30-40 minutes later. This turned out to be good news because I may have had to use the bathroom twice while we were in our corrals. #BlameItOnTheNerves


So a little while later, we were off! Some of our friends from church were also doing the race but I couldn’t find them prior to the start. About two minutes in I was able to catch up with one of them and we stayed with each other for most of the race.

As you’ll see in the picture below, it was extremely foggy and humid – even at our early start. By mile one I was already really sweaty, and even had a stomach cramp – which I didn’t have the entire time training. 

 Unfortunately things continued to get warmer. I honestly didn’t think much of the temperature but more of the humidity.

Mile after mile, I felt pretty good and happy with the pace I was running until mile 10. At one of the water tables they had an ice bag sitting out, and I remember scooping up some, not caring about how unsanitary that probably was, just to get something cold in me. 

Along the way, I saw people sitting down but this being my first half, I didn’t think much of it. Later I learned that because of the warm temperatures they had a lot of people falling out on the course and needing medical attention. Eventually they started turning around the full marathoners on the course because of the temperatures.

Around mile 11, I noticed that my heart rate was up more than normal and I felt a little lightheaded. Obviously it wasn’t worth the risk of passing out. It was a little bit sad to stop running and walk but I felt confident in my decision – until I started running again and I realized my legs were pretty much dead at that point 😉 

As I got closer to the finish line, I was so happy that I had almost finished a half and overcome something that I feared to try for so long. I think more than anything, it was a mental accomplishment, knowing that I can push myself to do things with hard work. 

Crossing the finish line was a wonderful feeeling – and not just because they had ice cold water and Gatorade available – but that was pretty exciting. 🙂 

Overall, I was happy with my time 2:33:45.7, even though it was over my goal time.    

 Hopefully I’ll do another soon and beat that time! 

ps – my watch. Such a jokester. This was AFTER I finished. #Nope 🙂  

101 in 1001 · Health & Fitness

56. work out every day for one month for at least 45min a day

Jogging. Walking. Sit-ups. Crunches. Leg Raises. Planks. Squats. Push Ups. Mountain Climbers.

These are the some of things that I did this month and I finally crossed it off the list – work out every day for one month for at least 45 minutes a day.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 8.33.07 AM

{picture taken on one of my morning runs}

When I wrote my 101 in 1001 list, I didn’t think to specify that I meant 45 minutes a day on weekdays, so I made myself exercise 45 minutes a day everyday, which takes more discipline than I usually have {just ask my husband who saw me doing some of these exercises at 10pm because I had put them off all day}.  This morning I finished the 30 days of 45 with a 5 mile run {well technically a 4.75 mile run and a .25 walk}.

My favorite benefit from working out everyday? This month I had considerably less headaches.  While I can’t say for certain that exercise was the reason, there are articles that support this {here, here, and here}, and exercise was one of the only two things I changed this month to my regular routine {the other being I drank 72 oz of water a day, which has also been linked to decrease headaches, more on that later}.

So here’s to hopefully a new habit sticking around and to headaches staying away.

How often do you workout? What are your favorite exercises?

101 in 1001 · Health & Fitness

51. run 6 miles

At the end of February when I finished the Couch to 5k training that I began in January, I thought I’d use the momentum I had going to begin the Couch to 10k training.  My goals were to be complete all the training {3 scheduled workouts a week} and cross off one of my 101 in 1001 list, run 6 miles. Last week I completed both {and actually did the 6 miles 3 times}!

run 6 miles | Atwell Adventures 1

During the six week training, I walked/ran 86.89 miles, and also did an additional 27 miles of walking to hopefully meet my one of my April goals/101 in 1001 goals of walking 3 miles a day!  That’s 113.89 miles total!  This is the most consistently I’ve ever kept up with running {3 months, 8 days, and counting}.

For the final run of the training, Gary and I headed to the Augusta Canal Trail and did the trail 3 miles out and 3 miles back.

run 6 miles | Atwell Adventures 3

This was our first time running on this trail so it was a good way to end the training – especially since the course was flat and shaded in alot of areas.  The views, sunshine, and other runners also helped a little!

Augusta canal  | Atwell Adventures 2

Augusta canal | Atwell Adventures 1

Augusta canal | Atwell Adventures 3I’m going to try to keep up with my 3 miles a day schedule and maybe do some longer runs on the weekend, but for now, I’m excited to rest a little!  And let’s not forget, I still have 10 miles and 13 miles that I want to accomplish on my 101 in 1001. {YIKES! What was I thinking?!}

ps – let’s give a big round of applause for G who did 6 miles twice last week without training.  #WhatAStud

run 6 miles | Atwell Adventures 2