31 days

31 days – fall 2013 – goal setting

So after we started communicating about money, I got busy on paper… because if I’m going to have to look at a paper with lots of numbers, I’m at least going to make it colorful and throw in a few pie graphs for fun. #NerdAlert

We knew that if we wrote down where our money was going it would be easier to see what we could/should be putting towards our debt to get it paid off as quickly as possible.

I was surprised that by doing this, it gave me more motivation to stay on track and it even made me want to establish some goals to help keep us motivated.

Our first goal that we established was to make a monthly budget and stick to it. I know that sounds like a simple idea, but simple is a nice start for someone who has really never established a budget {well, established a budget with the intention of keeping to it}.

Next we read about Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps.  Since we are just starting out, our “in sight goals” are steps 1-3. Once we make those steps, we’ll look into learning more about steps 4-7.

Dave Ramsey's Seven Baby Steps | Atwell Adventures

So that’s where we are today. Our debt snowball is getting smaller and we’re trying to base our decisions on things that will help us reach our goals sooner, rather than later. So far, so good!

Do goals help keep you on track?

31 days - newlyweds | Atwell Adventures


Update: We’re now DEBT FREE!!!