Monthly Goals

october 2015 goals

only ten days late … but it’s my birth month, soooooo I’m excused.


Truthfully, personal monthly goals – although important – have been low on my priority list these last few days. But I know if I go for a whole month without some sort personal direction in getting things done, especially as I enter my last year in my 20’s (whaaaaaattt), I’ll kick myself later. And just imagine how ridiculous I would like trying to kick myself.

Okay, now stop laughing imagining that.

Here are my October goals:

  • continue training and sign up for the half in November
  • get back in the kitchen and coooook, cook, cook
  • organize every area of the house and purge {we have a small-ish house, so this is do-able if I pace myself}
  • celebrate turning 29

Sweet and simple. And I hope all attainable.

For the month of September on the other hand, I survived with only crying four times, so I consider that an accomplishment – especially with everything that was going on {I’m looking at you, Whole30}.

  • finish the books on my night stand (close, but no dice.)
  • complete Whole30 and enjoy the process of  eating good food – complete and although tough, was good structure for a busy month
  • celebrate our first Sunday at Crawford Avenue! – complete! praise God for His blessings!
  • continue to organize personal and work files – always a work in progress
  • continue to work on photobooks {2013, 2014, and wedding album} – didn’t even think about photobooks
  • continue half training – up to 8 miles
  • complete anniversary gift – not completed, but made some progress
  • have a visit with my sister and littlest niece – a sweet ending to a busy month

But seriously, busyness and to do list items aside, this last month and these first few days of October I’ve been reminded time after time of how good our God is and how much I need Him.

You know those seasons of life where you can feel him upholding you?  I know He is carrying me right now.  Things are a little more chaotic for my liking, but I am grateful to know that He is steadfast.  When everything else seems to be up in the air, He is faithful to remain the same.

What peace that thought brings me.

There’s a song I’ve found myself playing on repeat the last few days. It’s a beautiful reminder of all those things.  I hope you’ll be reminded of His goodness this month!


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