Monthly Goals

september 2015 goals

September is FINALLY here!  YAY!

Sunday was the perfect way to draw close to the first eight months of 2015.  It’s been a sweet year of trust and waiting and hopefully, it will only continue 🙂

As far as personal goals go, I didn’t accomplish nearly all I had set out too for August.

  • catch up on overdue blog posts
  • refinish trays
  • print pictures
  • complete anniversary gifts
  • finish book wreath
  • get a massage check!
  • check on physicals for October check!
  • backup pictures and install new ram
  • work on photobooksgot some of the photos uploaded now to start plugging away:)
  • begin thank you notes
  • research Whole 30 (and maybe commit for September?) started today!
  • register and train for half marathon (eeeeeps!) training is going well! we still need to register!

I’m happy to remind myself that my to do list items can always be attempted another month.  And to do lists aside, I was able to read alot more, rest, celebrate and reconnect with friends, and welcome people into our home for dinners.  It was a great month indeed 🙂

Now for September goals!

  • finish the books on my night stand
  • complete Whole30 and enjoy the process of eating good food
  • celebrate our first Sunday at Crawford Avenue! {more on that later!}
  • continue to organize personal and work files
  • continue to work on photobooks {2013, 2014, and wedding album}
  • continue half training
  • complete anniversary gift
  • have a visit with my sister and littlest niece

So here goes . . . the last quarter of 2015!

What are your goals for September?


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