Monthly Goals

march 2015 goals

Hey, hey, hey!

This past month had alot going on, but I was able to find a good rhythm through it all.  I took some time at work to organize and define my schedule a little bit more, and that’s really helped improve my workflow.  Thankfully that’s also spilled over into other areas of life.  The Lord is continuing to teach and convict me in some areas I need to glorify Him more. Thankful for a God who loves us in our weakness and wants to make us more like Him!

So February overall goal wise, was ok, but could have used some improvement.

  • limit social media Continuing to work on this one, but I deleted the facebook app from my phone in early February.  Now I’ve committed to not logging in on my phone at all (unless I need to look something up).
  • complete two decor projects
  • celebrate Valentines Day and G’s birthday-yeah!  Our mini getaway to North Carolina was so fun!
  • prepare for Miles for Mada– only about 11 days to go!
  • continue waking up early on weekdays – I could have done better, so this doesn’t get crossed off.
  • exercise every day for the last 3 weeks of February – nope, so this one is rolling over into March.  That’ll teach me to skip runs 😉
  • complete February reading plans – Caught up on the most important – Bible reading!

And here’s what I’m looking at for March…

  • check shots for Madagascar
  • find a dentist and doctor and schedule appointments
  • complete running and walking goals*
  • daily readings and time in the Word
  • ease into THM plan and continue to read and study the book
  • finish Unbroken and begin another book
  • create and print a new daily cleaning schedule
  • hang blackout curtains in bedroom
  • finish three decor projects
  • stick to budget
  • continue search for a bed

What are you working on for March?

* I asked G that if I ran three miles a day in March if I could get a massage.  He agreed!  I had to add an amendment to the agreement when a migraine had me down for a majority of Sunday afternoon/evening; thankfully he still agreed.  Hoping that this will be a little extra motivation!


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