High Five for Friday

high five for friday 

Four Fridays later and we’re already saying goodbye to February. Here’s to finishing out the month with a good week! 

1. Sunday before church we cheered a few friends across the GRU finish line! High five for being a little more motivated to sign up for a 10K and maybe a half! 

2. Sunday afternoon we took our marriage to a whole new level: we watched Star Wars together. High five for finally having an idea of what’s going on in the movie!
3. Yesterday I got a special delivery in the mail from one of my favorites. High five for her being able to make me laugh with sticker placement!

4. Last night like millions of other people, we had a house divided over #TheDress. High five for being able to see white and gold AND blue and black now! #ImAFreak

5. Around 1:30am as I was wide awake, I wondered how many days we had been married. I looked it up and what do you know – 600 days today. High five for 600 days of living and growing with my best friend {including experiencing things like Star Wars and #TheDress}!

Happy weekend friends!

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