High Five for Friday

high five for friday

This first week of February has been interesting. I’m trying to pull back in a few areas because I’ve been feeling scattered, and that’s hard for me. Hopefully I’ll have some time on Sunday and Monday to refocus, but for now, high-fives:)

1. This week we hosted our first Super bowl. High five for friends that don’t yell at people (me!) when they talk during the game! 🙂

2. Wednesday morning was a rough one for us but thankfully the day ended better than it started for both of us. High five for an impromptu dinner date to celebrate hump dayyyyy!

3. We made a little progress on our Valentine’s plans. High five for celebrating l-o-v-e!

4. Our home group started back last night. High five for hosting new people in our home this semester!

5. While this weekends schedule is pretty tight for us, we should have some down time. High five for a reset!

Happy weekend, friends!


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