High Five for Friday

high five for friday

The last weekend in January is already here.  Whattttt. So let’s not waste any more time of this weekend and get right into high fives…

1. This past weekend we made a whirlwind trip to meet the newest little member of our family – my niece!  High five for spending a few hours of sweet snuggle time with this little lamb!

Baby Martin2. When you’re in the car for 12 hours of 30 hours on said whirlwind trip, you find things to pass the time. High five for finding Trivia Crack!

3. On Monday we both had the day off and it was be-a-utiful.  High five for some time outdoors with my man!


4. This week I finally made some progress on reupholstering part of our Craigslist coffee table. High five for losing feeling in my hand because of an upholstery stapler!

Table Progress

5. After a busy and productive Friday, its time for pizza night! High five for traditions, a movie, and time with G!

Happy weekend, friends!


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