Monthly Goals

march 2017 goals

Hey there, March 2017!

January and February both flew by – and just a couple of days ago, I had a chance to sit down and work my way backwards through February goals and also prep for this month.

I hate leaving a page unfinished, so it was helpful to sit down and think through the month and things I need to adjust going forward.

Like I mentioned in January, I’m working through Lara Casey’s Power Sheets and they’ve been helpful to keep me motivated and creating habits discipline that will help me get the things I want accomplished. So let’s just hope that I get a little more disciplined about making the time for monthly prepwork 😉 #CalendarReminderSet

Here are my goals for March!

  • make and store three freezer meals
  • visit our new dentist
  • catch up on work items and descriptions
  • prep for hosting Sara’s shower
  • organize closets and storage room
  • list or donate unused items from closets and storage room
  • paint shelves in mudroom
  • begin working on wedding album and family yearbooks
  • memorize Hebrews 4:14-16

What are you working on in March?


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