High Five for Friday

high five for friday

With my goals this year – I wanted to take a few minutes each week to blog. For me, posts and pictures  help serve as a timeline so I was sad that I skipped most of 2016, and will try to be more intentional in 2017 to record the little moments!

First up – bringing back High Five for Fridays! 

1. This is one of the more busier weeks of the year work wise for me. High five for tomorrow morning and resting a little more!

2. Our kitchen cabinets and molding will hopefully be completed tomorrow. High five for finishing up with contractors for a little while!

3. We picked up two bookshelves for $20 each off of Craigslist last weekend. High five for furnishing our Mud and Laundry Room!

4. In my striving to cook more this year, I ordered a book called Sheet Pan Suppers. High five for (hopefully) wonderful, easy meals!

5. Gary comes home tonight! High five for hugging my man after a few days away!

Happy weekend, friends!


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