High Five for Friday

high five for friday

Halfway through August, already? It’s a busy month but I’m anxiously awaiting these last couple of weeks.  Here’s to slowing down and enjoying the little moments in life!

1. One morning this week one of my old coworkers posted this video, which just happens to show some of the finest senior citizens in Middle Georgia whipping and nae-naeing (Did I ever mention that I worked at retirement community for the first five years post college?).  High five for all the Carlyle Place residents and staff that participated and made this happen 😉

Carlyle Place Nae Nae

2. As I was finishing one of my runs this week I spotted somethings in our community dumpster. High five for free finds!


3. On Monday I finally got to have a very overdue lunch with my long lost friend Jill! High five for the first of many catch ups!

Jasper Atwell Adventures

4. Last night our kickball team played its final game of the season. High five to Bert’s Beards for summer fun!

5. I’m not much of a reader, but my night stand currently has 6 books on it – and they’re all great! High five for reading!

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


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