High Five for Friday

high five for friday

It’s ten minutes until 7am and I’m trying to sip my coffee and sit as quietly as possible so that I don’t wake the eight children that we call nephews and nieces. They may or may have not gone to bed past their bedtime so surely they’ll sleep longer, right? 

Ahhh yes, Atwell Nephew Niece Adventure weekend is finally here and in full swing as of yesterday at 3pm. 

1. When we left for our mini road trip yesterday we couldn’t have been five minutes down the road when someone announced they needed to go to the bathroom. High five for being able to make not one, but TWO successful bathroom stops and for everyone making it back in the car!

2. As we were pulling into Augusta, we saw a rainbow! High five for a faithful God that always reminds us of His underserved goodness towards us! 3. With eight children occupying a townhouse that’s a little less than 1200 square feet you could say it’s a little crazy. High five for a husband that keeps a smile on his face!  4. Last night we were playing games and I honestly think I laughed more than the kids did. High five for laughter!

5. As I think about each of these little ones, I’m amazed at how our God knits us all together ultimately for His glory. High five for a God that loves them even more than I do!   


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