High Five for Friday

high five for friday

I’ve missed a few weeks of high five-ing but tonight I’m back… mostly because I love being able to look back at the end of the year and see all the moments that made up our year. 

This weekend will be full of celebrations and a lot of driving for us, but we’re excited and grateful we get to see and celebrate with so many we love!

Before heading to dreamland, here are the high fives for this week!

1. This past weekend we rented a cabin with some friends and were able to hike and raft while we were away. High five for outdoor adventures!   2. Plans for a nephew and niece visit are in the works. High five for invitations reaching their little hands this week!   3. On Tuesday, we celebrated two years! High five for 730 days with the best!   4. For our anniversary dinner, we went to a place in North Augusta’s Hammonds Ferry. High five for being able to finally explore the most beautiful neighborhood that looks straight out of a movie set!

5. Like I mentioned earlier, this weekend will be a full one for us – but filled with lots of sweet celebrations of people we love. High five for being able to cheer our friends and family on through life!

Happy weekend!


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