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Julie’s frames

A few months ago, I found some frames at Goodwill.

Yes, I know its hard to believe, but I got these cross-stitched beauties for just $2.02 each.  image3

Poor Julie, I’m sure she’s missing her oval frame.

After a few months of them sitting in my laundry room, I decided it was time to bring out a hammer for a little picture arranging.  To get an idea for arrangement, I traced the three frames on some paper and then played around with the placement.

First I tried a vertical placement.
image1 And then a grouping. image2

And then I spaced the grouping out.image4

And decided I liked it best.

Twenty minutes, six nails, and an injured thumb nail later, they were all up.


And now I have to figure out what I want to frame.  What would you do?  Pictures or art?


4 thoughts on “Julie’s frames

  1. Awesome idea to trace the frames on paper and arrange them on your wall first. I usually end up with 40 extra nail holes…next time will be different!

    1. This works so well! AND I actually marked where the frame nail hole is on the paper so hanging was even simpler:) Now if I could only get the hammering down 😉

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