High Five for Friday

high five for friday

I’ve missed a few months of high five-ing so I decided 2015 was a good time to bring it back!  Here we go:)

1. On Wednesday, I finished one of my yearly goals – 600 miles of walking and running!

600 miles |Atwell Adventures

2. We rang in 2015 with some of our Augusta friends – a perfect way to start the new year!Happy 2015 | Atwell Adventures

3. All of our Christmas decor has been put away and while that makes me a little bit sad, I’m excited about the clean slate of a new year!

4. Friday marked the end of our holiday schedules, so we are officially in 2015!

5. We’re currently on stand-by mode awaiting the arrival of niece #5!  I’m really hoping we’ll get the call on one the days we’re off work so we can make a quick trip to Florida to meet the new babe!Monogram Bag | Atwell AdventuresHappy, happy weekend!


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