High Five for Friday

high five for friday

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! Here’s what had/has me cheering for this week!

1. Tonight we’re celebrating big – and avoiding crowds – with our normal Friday night schedule: pizza and a movie at home! We’ll plan on going out for dinner tomorrow night.  No matter what we do, I’m just happy we get to be together instead of apart like last year {insert collective audience “awwwwww” here}.

2. While we were hit with an ice storm, many people in our surrounding cities have downed trees as well as messed up power lines. With conditions like they were, G had a few days off of work so I was grateful to have him at home and not out on the roads. We were blessed to make it through the storm without any damage and to have power the whole time!

3. While we’ve been cooped up in our house, the Olympics {and Netflix} has given us something to watch.  Go USA!

4. If Valentine’s this weekend wasn’t enough, it’s G’s Birthday Eve weekend too! More about that on Monday – his actual birthday!

5. And to continue the celebration theme, two of my close friends will find out if they are having boys or girls this weekend! It’s so fun to share in this time with them!

Hope you have a happy weekend!


4 thoughts on “high five for friday

  1. Have a great weekend celebrating. I’m with you on Valentine’s Day plans…a quiet evening in sounds great! Found you through the link up….glad I did!

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