101 in 1001

16. take a photo on each anniversary – year two!

Yesterday we celebrated two years of marriage!

And I’m here to share that our tradition of taking a photo on our anniversary still stands – two for two! ha… great record, no?

Last year, we travelled to Portland so that’s where we took our first anniversary picture. This year we were in town so before dinner and dessert we stopped at the Augusta Riverwalk to take a few selfies. 🙂

The weather cooperated well, the sun didn’t make us squint too much, but close to the end of our takes, I was definitely starting to “glow”. How did we get married in July without melting?

year 2 | Atwell Adventures
year two
one year | Atwell Adventures
year one
day one
day one

So very thankful for the gift of marriage and who I get to spend it with!


101 in 1001

16. take a photo on each anniversary

I never thought I’d pack a frame in a suitcase, but you gotta do, what you gotta do!

I remember seeing the idea of an anniversary photo build on Pinterest last year, so I decided we would try it out at least for a few years {I’m still curious to see how small the photos get}.

I wish I had a “behind the scenes photo” of the set up we had rigged to snap this picture.  It all just made me really grateful for professional photographers and the magic they create:)

Overall, for a self-timed set-up in a super sunny garden, I think we did all right.  Most of all though, I love thinking about all the memories we created in the time between these two pictures. Can’t wait to create more this year!

one year | Atwell Adventures

From The Road

one year anniversary trip | Portland, Maine

It’s been two weeks since our first anniversary – yay for 54 weeks of marriage!

Earlier this year, we started talking about how we wanted to celebrate our first year of marriage.  We tossed around a few ideas, and ultimately decided to visit Portland, Maine! Neither of us had been to Portland before and we both enjoy exploring new places, so with Maine’s cooler summertime temperatures and a variety of things to do, Maine was a relatively easy decision!

While we didn’t create a strict schedule before we went, we did make a list of a few things we wanted to do, booked our hotel – The Inn at St. John, scheduled a car rental for one day, and even found a blog {Map & Menu} that served as a great resource!

Portland in some ways reminds me of Charleston, South Carolina {which can you really go wrong with Charleston?}… beautiful buildings, coastal vibe, walkable {important if you’re not renting a car}, and has a variety of unique things to do and restaurants to try.

We flew out of Atlanta on Thursday and returned the following Tuesday, so we had four full days to explore the area.

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.001

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.002

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.003

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.004

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.005

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.006

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.007

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.008

While we were there, we walked everywhere we went {which made me not feel quite as guilty with about all the delicious food we experienced} and used the car rental for Sunday – the day we went hiking at Mount Major in New Hampshire, which was about an hour and a half away.

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.009

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.010

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.011

On our way back, we stopped by the beach and thanks to a parking meter, had thirteen minutes to experience the FRIGID ocean.  I still don’t understand how people were in the water!

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.012

Our last stop before returning the rental car was Portland Head Light.  Like the top of Mount Major, it almost seemed to beautiful to be real.

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.013

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.014

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.015

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.016

Portland, Maine | Atwell Adventures.017

So if you’re ever in Portland, Maine, here are most of the places we visited and loved!

Coffee: Coffee By Design, Tandem Coffee, Speckled Ax, the cutest Starbucks in the America

Eat: Otto Pizza, Salvage BBQ, Local 188, Eventide, Nosh, Portland Lobster Company, Duckfat, The Grill Room

Shop: Sawyer & CompanyPapier

Treat: Gelato Fiasco, Old Port Candy Company

Visit: Longfellow Garden, Eastern Promenade, Portland Head Light, Mount Major

Thanks for a wonderful anniversary trip, G!

Oh and speaking of anniversaries – today is my Mom and Dad’s 41st! Happy, happy anni to you two!