High Five for Friday

high five for friday

ahhh, the weekend. 

Tomorrow’s schedule is full – but full of things I should do, but not necessarily have to do. I love these kind of days to hit refresh.

1. Atwell Nephew Niece Adventures was so fun {blog post coming soon!} and our house is back in order. High five for 48 hours with 8 of the cutest kids around! 2. I’ve taken a few days off of running/training and I’m excited to get back into next week. High five for a rest!

3. Speaking of exercise, G and I are just a few workouts away from finishing T-25. High five for almost being done “FOCUSING”!

4. I booked a massage for this upcoming week. High five for a long overdue reward!

5. It’s been a busy season with work but over and over again I’m thankful to be doing something with purpose. High five for a job I love! 

Happy weekend 🙂


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