Monthly Goals

june 2015 goals

Happy June from Augusta, Georgia!  We are settling back in to life at home after returning from our trip from Madagascar!  The trip home gave me plentttty of time (32+ hours) to think and plan for this month and I’m excited about what it’s in store (this last month of the first half of 2015… ahhhh!!!).

Here are my goals for this month!

  • begin Romans study
  • begin writing thank you notes and recap letter to send to supporters
  • assemble and organize bookshelves
  • use new budget tracker
  • schedule dentist appointments
  • schedule a massage
  • start T-25
  • complete walking and running goals for first 6 months of 2015!
  • eat well
  • research two items
  • plan for our 2 year anni next month!

And here’s how May went…

  • finish memorizing stories before trip – once we arrived in Madagascar, I felt much more confident in sharing the stories… thanks for all those who prayed!
  • begin malaria pills – still going too
  • work on prayer list for trip – hopefully you got a few of the prayer requests here!
  • rest, rise early, and exercise – I felt very well rested and ready when we left… which proved to be very helpful for our time away!
  • finish the 24 day challenge and write a review post – finished and posted!
  • serve at the final fundraiser for our trip – it was a GREAT success!
  • pick up 2 books for trip – hello long flights! – got them and loving them!
  • go to a Braves game – we are definitely bad luck to the Braves.
  • welcome the Tanners when they visit Augustawelcomed with love!
  • start thinking about 2 year anniversary gift and celebration – moving this one to this month!
  • and this one got added – publish the long overdue coffee table postcheck!

What are you working on during the month of June?


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