Monthly Goals

april 2015 goals

One-quarter of the way through 2015! Wow-weeeee!

Last week I searched for an email that I sent it in February, but nope. I sent it in NOVEMBER 2014. I guess that goes to show how fast time is flying.

I’d like to complete the below items this month.  If I can finish all of these, next month will be much smoother in prep for Madagascar!

  • celebrate Easter
  • finish April’s monthly book and continue with yearly reading plan
  • continue to memorize Creation to Christ stories
  • prepare and begin the 24 day challenge
  • complete walking and running goals as well as weight training
  • buy and hang living room curtains
  • schedule dentist appointment
  • get a massage
  • begin vaccination pills for Madagascar

Easter 2015 | Atwell Adventures

Here’s how I did with my March goals.

  • check shots for Madagascar We went this past Friday and have started our pills!
  • find a dentist and doctor and schedule appointments Doctor appointment is scheduled for this month! Now to find a dentist and schedule it this month.
  • complete running and walking goals Finished! Now I get to have a massage!
  • daily readings and time in the Word – I’m a few days behind on my yearly reading plan! Time to catch up!
  • ease into THM plan and continue to read and study the book I’m still learning and trying to switch out some meals. It requires alot of planning, prep, and specific items, but I’ve figured out some things that work and don’t work for me.
  • finish Unbroken and begin another book I finally finished the book, and we watched the movie this past week.  I started my other book this past week!
  • create and print a new daily cleaning schedule – I’ve decided on a schedule, but haven’t taken time to work on a printed copy.
  • hang blackout curtains in bedroom These things make a HUGE difference!
  • finish three decor projects Table, blinds, curtains, and living room shelf have all been adjusted!
  • stick to budget – helloooo, Madagascar flights.  Thankfully, we didn’t overspend!
  • continue search for a bed – lots of looking, still no bed though. Maybe a diy headboard is in my future?

What does April 2015 look like for you?


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