High Five for Friday

high five for friday {on Saturday night}

Well obviously it’s not Friday. But seeing as how I wrote this yesterday and am just now getting around to hitting publish, we’re just going to take a step back into time real quick.  My internal calendar is messed up anyways, so embrace the chaos with me, won’t you?

1. We celebrated our first anniversary on Monday! High five for love, laughs, and a wonderful year with G!

one year | Atwell Adventures

2. With our travel hiccups on our way to Maine, I was a little nervous for our return home on Tuesday.  Thankfully, we made it home when we were supposed to! High five for no cancelled flights… and Chipotle before we drove back to Augusta!

3. As much as we loved our trip, it felt good to be home in our own beds on Tuesday night. High five for a home that we love to return to!

4. This week, two friends of my sweet friends earned the title Mom! High five for the sweet little boys who entered the world this week!

5. My wittle babwy sistew {that’s little baby sister, for all of you that don’t speak baby} is getting married and we’re going wedding dress shopping tomorrow! High five for spending time with my mom, sisters, and nieces, and of course celebrating baby Ruth!

Happy weekend!


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