High Five for Friday

high five for friday

This has been one of the weeks that felt slow going by, but when I realized last night that it was in fact Thursday, meaning that today would be Friday, I was wondering where the week went.

Our house is a little crazy right now. I’m staring at a yoga mat and weights that have taken up residency on our living room floor, I have two unfinished projects sitting out, our laundry room is full of clothes that need to be put away, and there is a sink full of dishes saying “washhhh meeee”.

Instead of focusing on the chaos, I’m going to high five for health that allows me to exercise, furniture that fills our home, an abundance of clothes, a kitchen that has food that makes our dishes dirty, and most of all – a sweet husband that puts up with all the chaos.

Choose happiness today. Yay for the weekend!


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