High Five for Friday

high five for friday

Good morning from Martinez, Georgia!

It’s gloomy and supposed to rain today – but that’s not raining on my Friday parade… here’s this week’s high fives.

1. I finally used my KitchenAid Mixer – and so far its been super easy! High five for facing my fear of small kitchen appliances!

kitchenaid mixer | Atwell Adventures

2. It happened at the end of January but since I wrote about becoming debt free this week, I feel like I’m reliving all the excitement over again.  Yay, high five for being DEBT FREE!

debt free | Atwell Adventures

3. This week I got a little bit more organized – and gained alot more space. High five for an organized DVD storage!

Organized DVD Storage | Atwell Adventures

4. Last night, we finished our 2013 taxes. {#GrownUps} High five for getting them done early, our new “married” status, and getting a tax return!

5. Today I get to meet up with of my sweet friends from college. High five for being in a city that let’s me reconnect with old friends!

Hope you have a great last weekend in March! Ahhhhh, is it REALLY almost April?!


4 thoughts on “high five for friday

  1. Use your Kitchen Aid to shred meat. It is life changing. Just put in the cooked meat- turn on low for 3 mins- and wah-la! Shredded chicken or super fine ground meat!

    1. I just learned about that last week too! Had no idea you could do that – but I know it will be a HUGE timesaver! Thanks for sharing, friend 😉

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