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take me away {part one}

Our first big adventure as mr. & mrs. started on Monday morning approximately 8 hours after we left our reception.

leaving reception

And by Monday morning, I mean earllllly morning, as in we had to wake up at 4am to make our 6:40am, only-way-out-of-Atlanta flight.  So while we felt like this…
on the way

… this image also captures our feelings.


But let’s back things up a few months, shall we? After we were engaged and wedding planning was in full swing, G and I discussed our honeymoon. Our discussion went a little something like this:

R: “I want you to plan our honeymoon so I don’t have to think about other decisions.  My only request is that we not spend our first week of marriage in a cabin, but preferably near a beach.”

G: “Got it.”

And for the plan he put together, I give him an A++!  With a couple of recommendations from friends and some work with a travel agent, we were headed to St. Lucia!

honeymoon mapAfter our early flight to Miami and one more to St. Lucia, we arrived that afternoon and took a ride to our resort which was about an hour and a half away.  One thing I loved about the ride was that it gave us a chance to see the island.  St. Lucia is a volcanic island, has beautiful water, and also rain forest!


St. Lucia homes

rain forest

We arrived at Sandals Grande St. Lucian (one of the three Sandals resorts on the island) and got to our beautiful room with a view of the water!

Sandals concierge suite

panorama from our room

The rest of our afternoon consisted of room service (why walk somewhere when they will bring it to you?), naps, and more room service.  And while we were napping, a tropical storm was brewing over our heads…

{first photo by the wonderful Amber Phinisee}


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