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take me away {part three}

After our first day of traveling and the next two days of storms and sunshine, we were finally ready to explore the island of St. Lucia! And what better way than a few local tours! Before going to St. Lucia, we had asked a few friends about tours they had done.  When our concierges confirmed that those were our best options, we were all set!

On Thursday, we went out with Simon Says Tours.  And no, he didn’t make us play a game:)  This tour had a little bit of everything, which we loved!  We left around 9 or 10 that morning and headed down to our shuttle for the day… a boat! There was probably about 15-20 people total, including our tour guides which made for a comfortable ride.

Along the way we made stops at Marigot Bay

DSC00604Jade Mountain {bonus: this is where the Bachelor finale was filmed when Jake picked Vienna}

DSC00628the majestic Pitons

a snorkeling spot…

a bat cave…

the town of Soufrière {where we visited Sulphur Springs Park and took a mud bath and rinsed in the hot springs, more on that below}…

a local restaurant…

and a quick dip at the bottom of Toraille Waterfall.

Probably the most memorable part of the day for Gary and I was the mud bath. But unfortunately, it wasn’t memorable for a good reason, although now we can laugh about it.  Like I mentioned before, we had both gotten sunburned the previous day. When we reached the mud bath site, we found out that in order for the mud bath to work, you have to take a dip in the volcanic spring (over 100 degrees in temperature).  I love a hot bath but not when I’m sunburned… and this was hotttt. I have never seen a more distressed look on Gary’s face until that moment. And did I mention how you get the mud off? Well you take another dip in the hot water!  Picture me pool-side, trying to splash hot water so I don’t singe my skin but eventually having to jump in as quickly as possible.  Like I said before, we both laugh at this story now but oh-my-goodness I wish we didn’t have sunburns when we visited.

Happy at our resort after a fun day with Simon!

Our next day had us wearing hairnets, harnesses, and helmets in the rainforest with Treetop Adventure Park!  We both wanted to try ziplining and zipline we did!

In total we did 12 zips and were able to soar above and through the beautiful, lush, green rainforest!

Here is a video I tried capturing on one of the zips. {just a warning: it’s shaky and sometimes the audio and video don’t sync}

On the way back from our zipping through the forest, we made a stop at the overlook pictured below.  It was beautiful!

Our two days of adventuring through St. Lucia were over, and our honeymoon was coming to an end.  I’d say it was a pretty good first week of marriage:)

But the adventures were just starting and we had another waiting for us when we got back to Georgia: moving!

From The Road

take me away {part two}

{read take me away {part one} here}

While we were sleeping away our first night in St. Lucia, our new {angry} friend Chantal was making a way to introduce herself.


And when we looked out our doors, this is what we saw…

But why let a little storm rain on our honeymoon parade?  We had breakfast {for 10} delivered to our room and began making plans for the week!

breakfast in bedWith the package Gary selected, it allowed us to work with some private concierges who gave us recommendations for excursions we were interested in and they took care of all the reservations for us. It was so nice not to have to worry about the details, especially post-wedding details!

day one!

cloudy with a chance of rainOn Tuesday night we headed to our first dinner and said a few prayers for good weather the rest of the week.

first dinnerThose prayers were {thankfully!} answered when we woke up to sunny skies on Wednesday!  Since our excursions were planned for Thursday and Friday, we spent most of Wednesday by the beach…

St. Luciaby the pool…

poolsideeating pizza…

poolside pizzataking a quick boat ride…

snorkel adventureand snorkeling around the bay!

snorkel kissAfter all of our fun-in-the-sun, we ended the day with sunburns, pasta, two desserts, and full hearts.

Not to mention, this handsome sitting across from me at dinner…


From The Road

take me away {part one}

Our first big adventure as mr. & mrs. started on Monday morning approximately 8 hours after we left our reception.

leaving reception

And by Monday morning, I mean earllllly morning, as in we had to wake up at 4am to make our 6:40am, only-way-out-of-Atlanta flight.  So while we felt like this…
on the way

… this image also captures our feelings.


But let’s back things up a few months, shall we? After we were engaged and wedding planning was in full swing, G and I discussed our honeymoon. Our discussion went a little something like this:

R: “I want you to plan our honeymoon so I don’t have to think about other decisions.  My only request is that we not spend our first week of marriage in a cabin, but preferably near a beach.”

G: “Got it.”

And for the plan he put together, I give him an A++!  With a couple of recommendations from friends and some work with a travel agent, we were headed to St. Lucia!

honeymoon mapAfter our early flight to Miami and one more to St. Lucia, we arrived that afternoon and took a ride to our resort which was about an hour and a half away.  One thing I loved about the ride was that it gave us a chance to see the island.  St. Lucia is a volcanic island, has beautiful water, and also rain forest!


St. Lucia homes

rain forest

We arrived at Sandals Grande St. Lucian (one of the three Sandals resorts on the island) and got to our beautiful room with a view of the water!

Sandals concierge suite

panorama from our room

The rest of our afternoon consisted of room service (why walk somewhere when they will bring it to you?), naps, and more room service.  And while we were napping, a tropical storm was brewing over our heads…

{first photo by the wonderful Amber Phinisee}