Around the House

the grass is always greener

When we moved into our rental property in December we knew there was one area that could REALLY use some work – our backyard.


Ha! Too bad that above picture is not our backyard.  I wish! {keep scrolling for pics of our garden of eden}

No, when we peaked into our backyard it was lacking grass altogether but was {unfortunately} abundant in weeds, bushes that were feeling the effects of winter, and alot of dead leaves. 



The space itself isn’t that large which we like since this is our first go around at yard maintenance.

With permission from our landlords, this past Friday we spent a few hours clearing the yard out.  Gary removed the three large bushes and I tried to break up the ground and get rid of some of the weeds. After about four hours of work, we were finished of “phase 1”.   IMG_8960

Even though its just dirt right now, it’s nice to have a clean slate! Saying goodbye to those bushes and hello to those blue skies doesn’t hurt either.

For now, we plan on planting grass and maybe a small vegetable garden. We’re also trying to remember that whatever we do in the yard we have to maintain since lawn maintenance is our responsibility.

Any tips for first time lawn-ies?