With Our Family

almost friday

Even though I no longer work a full-time job, I still get happy when Friday rolls around. It’s probably because it means more time with G {or maybe because of our Friday pizza dinners – I’ll never tell}.

I keep thinking today is a Friday.

While everything isn’t roses in the military-life, one thing I do like is something they call 96. Basically, it means they have 96 hours (4 days) of freeeeeeeeeedooooooom. They don’t give these often, usually just around holidays. When we were dating I always looked forward to a long weekend, and now here I am on the other side of it, looking forward to it just as much. So with Labor Day on Monday, G starts his 96 today {the reason I keep thinking it’s Friday}.

So with our extra time, we are heading to Georgia! This will be our first trip since we’ve moved so we G is looking forward to driving without a Uhaul in tow.

And did I mention we get to see this little family? {Well that is, everyone except for the Cali couple… boo to the states that separate us – but not for too much longer!}  Eeeeeeeps, I’m so excited!

Queen'sphoto by Curtis Photography

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend whether you’re spending it with family and friends, catching up on sleep, working on projects, or packing away your white linen pants {I’m always a little sad about this one}.

Fall is officially on its way!


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