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on this day, 6 months ago

Six months ago, around this same time, I was sitting in church beside my Mom.

It was probably the most unique Sunday of my life – just six short hours later, I was going to be married in the same sanctuary.

Even though I had been up since about 6am running wedding day errands, there was something so calming about being in church that morning.  It reminded me what our wedding day was all about – our Savior. Without Him being our foundation, it would all be in vain.

Wedding Day 1| Atwell Adventures

As the congregation sang at the beginning of our wedding ceremony,

“In Christ alone my hope is found
He is my light, my strength, my song
This Cornerstone, this solid ground
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm
What heights of love, what depths of peace
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease
My Comforter, my All in All
Here in the love of Christ I stand!”

What a happy six months of deepening the love of our Savior and love for each other!

Happy 6 month-a-versary, G!

31 days

31 days – fall 2013 – month-a-versaries

How long do parents usually refer to their child as “… months old” vs. “…years old”?

Because I need to know when it will be unacceptable to celebrate our month-a-versaries.

Most people celebrate there wedding day once a year but what fun is that?  Instead, we {or maybe just I} decided that we should celebrate each month!

I’m not sure how long we’ll keep this tradition up but for now I enjoy writing/seeing it on our fridge calendar and finding different ways to celebrate the newness of marriage!

Do you celebrate month-a-versaries?

p.s. – fun fact: I’m 324 months old!

31 days - newlyweds | Atwell Adventures