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learning about meal prepping

Yesterday I began my fourth week at my job I started at the beginning of the month.

I knew that since I would be working during the day, I would no longer have the luxury of putting dinner on throughout the day, on my schedule.  Instead, in addition to meal planning on the weekend, I’d also have to do some meal prepping.

I’m still learning on this one. How long will veggies last after I cut them up? What’s the best way to season chicken that can be used for multiple items? Will G even want to eat this? Can we just go out to eat? 

Truth be told, this is the perfect time in life to learn all of this, when it’s just me and G and I’m only planning for two.  Sometimes I think about working mom’s coming home after a long day, having to cook dinner, and all the other responsibilities of being a mom, I wonder how they do it.  {1,000 points for Moms; 1,000,000 points for my Mom doing it with seven!}

What are ways you meal plan and prep?

31 days

31 days – fall 2013 – meal planning

Happy Saturday!

Weekends are my favorite.

I get to spend more time with G. We go out to dinner on Saturday and church on Sunday. I don’t have cleaning to do around the apartment. And I prepare for a new week.

One of the ways I prepare? Meal planning!

I enjoy cooking, but I always have a hard time deciding what to cook. So a couple of months ago, I decided to try out meal planning.

Meal planning takes a few minutes but has helped me save time and money. Whenever I make my weekly grocery run, I refer to my plan to add to my list and stay on budget.

But my favorite part of meal planning? Not having to decide what to cook everyday! Instead, I just open up my cabinet door and see what I wrote down for on my dinner plan.

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Do you meal plan?

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