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reliving our wedding day through Sean and Catherine

As I watched Sean and Catherine’s wedding last night, I felt like I was reliving some of our wedding.

Of course, our wedding day didn’t have a live feed, commercial breaks, or a bridesmaid that holds a world record with the groom for longest onscreen kiss {thanks sisters 😉 }.

But here are a few things we do share…

1. Sunday Wedding

We both chose Sunday as our wedding day! {and I must say, excellent choice of mixed type on your invites, S & C} 

bachelorwedding | Atwell Adventures.1

2. Officiant Choice

Sean and I share this one – our dad’s were the ones that married us! And yes, it was as emotional and special as it sounds.

bachelorwedding | Atwell Adventures.2

3. Wedding Attire

While Catherine chose a form fitted gown, we both accessorized with beaded sashes, although a little hard to tell in these picture.  The guys kept it handsome and classic in their black tuxes.

bachelorwedding | Atwell Adventures.4

4. Colors

Hello, white, pink, and gold! Although the amount of flowers they used on one of their arrangements was probably more than our entire wedding, I definitely smiled at all the white and pink. Our touches of gold were in the invitations and the votives we used at our reception.

bachelorwedding | Atwell Adventures.3

5. Waiting Until The Wedding Night

All the awkwardness of the “honeymoon cam” and lingerie segments aside, I was excited for them to have waited for their wedding day! I know that sounds weird, but sharing that with G is something I’ll always be so thankful for!

Happy marriage Sean and Catherine!

Did you watch The Bachelor Wedding?